Paul Efstathiou is a second-generation art dealer with expertise in both primary and secondary market painting and sculpture. He has been working as an art dealer in New York for more than a decade. In 2004, in partnership with his brother Eric Efstathiou, he established PTE Fine Arts, a focused private dealership, advisory, and showroom. During his studies, Paul worked with his father, Takis Efstathiou, the established Upper East Side private dealer, focusing on twentieth-century artists.

Through his immersion in the art community, Paul has developed a well-trained and prescient eye, making him a successful dealer of contemporary art. With the help of longstanding relationships with galleries and directors in the city, Paul has since founded Highlight Curated. Highlight is a solo endeavor that works in collaboration with the city's most prestigious galleries and exhibition spaces to highlight emerging contemporary artists. The project focuses on artists gaining momentum through prestigious fellowships, media coverage, and critical acclaim. As Paul is based both in New York City and Connecticut, he is currently focused on bringing contemporary art to the main stage in New York’s surrounding area and abroad.

Paul's commitment and approach as both a curator and art dealer results in relationships with artists and clients based on integrity and discretion.


Highlight Curated is a curatorial project with a focus on high quality contemporary art. The name highlight was borne out of an interest and sense of urgency in bringing together talented artists to create original work that responds to and is highlighted by the collective whole in each exhibition. Capitalizing on the momentum already gained by emerging contemporary artists, Highlight works to provide a further breadth of exposure for these artists, creating thoughtful exhibitions that highlight each individual artist’s work, the work of their fellow exhibitors, and the space in which their artwork is exhibited.